//   Flowers, by Less Than A Tree   //

"I've seen the best of you,
and the worst of you,
and I choose both."

- Sarah Kay
For enquiries, go to https://tinyurl.com/ContactLTAT
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From the photographs below, choose the size of bouquet you desire!
(Choice of flowers will be done below!)

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Wrapping *

Hooray! We've imported additional wrappers!
Now you can choose to go FUNKY with the prints!!

Choose your own style -
* Don't worry! Our wrappers are not limited to the ones shown in these pictures, we will pick the colour that best suit the flowers. :)

Add ons: Plushie

Hehehe, $10 to add each plushie into your bouquet!
*Skip this question if you don't need them in your bouquet!

Add ons: Fairylights

Add $10 to light up your bouquet with some fairylights! ;)
*Skip this question if you don't need them in your bouquet!

Remarks for the florist:

The Giver

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Self collection only at 18 New Industrial Road (Taiseng).

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For my Bae:

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Add on: Wax seal Card *

Back by popular demand from Valentine's 2018, we are selling these cards for just $2.

Don't worry! There's still a floral tag attached to your bouquet if you choose not to have this card.


You may choose to leave this field blank if you wish to pen your own message.

For Deliveries, do add a message!
But due to the size of the card, do keep it short, sweet, succinct - 35 words max :)

Our selection of fresh flowers vary with the changing nature and season. Every stalk and petal is unique in its own way!

Though the shade and tone might not turn out exactly the same, it will surely be a bouquet of blooms specially curated for you. :)
You're Done!!

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It will include a confirmation of your delivery/collection time slot, and payment details!

For any questions, drop us an email at lessthanatree@gmail.com. Thank you!
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